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AGRIPAssociation of Governmental Risk Pools (Prague, OK, USA)
AGRIPAccessible Gaming Rendering Independence Possible
AGRIPAnopheles Genetic Resource Information Project
AGRIPAdvanced Gripping Removable Interface Product (Brooks Tactical Systems)
AGRIPAssociation of Government Representatives and Independent Politicians
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I'm all for a vigorous handshake of the man-to-man variety - there's nothing worse than a clammy haddock of agrip, and anyone over 30 who high-fives should really be at home sipping Fanta through a straw and watching Dick and Dom with their mum and dad.
28) Peter Dendle, "Direct Discourse and Gender in the Agrip af Noregs Konunga Sogum," Neophilologus 81 (1997): 403-408, discusses the way the Agrip "consistently attributes minimal responsibility, action, or presence to women, while liberally granting them blame (403), noting that Queen Gunnhildr "hon gordisk sva illradug, en hann (Eirikir blodax) sva ahlydinn til grimmleiks ok til allskyns apjanar vid lydinn, at pungt var at bera," "she became so evil in her counsels, and he (Erik Bloodax) (was) so ready to commit cruelty and all kinds of tyranny over the people, that it was oppressive to bear" (408).
AGRIP is scuff resistant and holds up well to the elements, solvents and oils.