AGSKAlschuler Grossman Stein and Kahan LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
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In addition to solving the enterprise level spam issues, IronMail addresses other security and operational requirements right out of the box," said Ali Shahidi, Director of Technology at AGSK.
AGSK deployed CipherTrust's IronMail and found that more than 75 percent of their inbound e-mail messages were spam.
Before deploying IronMail we briefly used a desktop anti-spam program, but found that it was not meeting our needs," said Nick Laurent, Systems Engineer for AGSK.
We are committed to cutting-edge technology that makes us more efficient," said Gwyn Quillen, AGSK partner and member of the firm's Technology Committee.
With this powerful knowledge management tool, AGSK attorneys and employees will realize multiple benefits not available from any other application, including:
By using LexisNexis Total Search, AGSK will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of critical research by tapping into its internal resources as easily as searching case law, news or public records on the LexisNexis services.