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AGTAustralia's Got Talent (TV show)
AGTAmerica's Got Talent (TV show)
AGTAlgebraic and Geometric Topology
AGTO6-Alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferase
AGTAlanine-Glyoxylate Amniotransferase (enzymology)
AGTAcides Gras Trans (French: Trans Fatty Acid)
AGTAdvanced Global Technology
AGTAgent File
AGTAutomated Guideway Transit
AGTAzerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey (pipeline project)
AGTApplied Global Technologies
AGTA Global Threat (band)
AGTAtmospheric Glow Technologies
AGTAdventure Game Toolkit (text adventure creation system)
AGTApplied Graphics Technologies
AGTAdvanced Glider Training (UK)
AGTAutomated Guided Transit
AGTAssociation of Gardens Trusts
AGTAustralian Grain Technologies
AGTAlberta Government Telephone
AGTAdministration Generale et Territoriale
AGTAudubon Golf Trail
AGTAdvanced Gas Turbine
AGTAgent Trade
AGTAlkyl Guanine Transferase
AGTAbove Ground Tank
AGTAssociation of Government Toxicologists
AGTAssociation of Genetic Technologists, Inc.
AGTAutomotive Garage Tools
AGTAdvanced Guard Tower (Command and Conquer video game)
AGTAlgorithmic Graph Theory
AGTAssociació Gironina de Teatre
AGTAfrican Geography Tutor
AGTAdvanced Graphics Technologies
AGTAsesoria y Gestion Tecnica
AGTAstral Gemstone Talisman
AGTAll in Good Taste
AGTAdventure Game Theater
AGTAdvanced Gel Technology Ltd.
AGTApplications of Graph Theory
AGTAdvanced Generator Technology
AGTAdvanced Ground Transport
AGTAmerican Gasket Technologies, Inc.
AGTArizona Green Tea
AGTAdvanced Gun Technology (US DoD)
AGTApplied Geographic Technologies
AGTAssociazione Giuristi per il Turismo
AGTAvestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt, Ltd (India)
AGTAuthors' Group of Translators
AGTAimGlobal Technologies, Inc. (stock symbol)
AGTAcademy of Grain Technology
AGTAboriginal Group Training
AGTAktions Gemeinschaft für Tiere
AGTAcademically Gifted and Talented
AGTAlgebraic General Topology
AGTArbeitsgemeinschaft Touristik
AGTAutomated Gateway Transit
AGTAdvanced Geotechnical Testing, Inc.
AGTAbove Ground Tests
AGTAnode Gate Thyristors
AGTAdvanced Guidance Technology
AGTAll Good Thoughts
AGTAEELS Ground Terminal
AGTAlabama Great Southern Railroad Corporation (former stock symbol - now delisted)
AGTAssociaçio Gaucha de Taekwando
AGTAuthorized Gas Tester
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In Bicutan, the bigger AGT with two coaches also has normal load of 120 passengers each coach and crash load of 150 passengers per coach.
Through its subsidiaries in Turkey, the Arbel Group, AGT also produces staple foods such as Arbella Pasta, rice, and milled wheat products, including bulgur and semolina.
AGT along with Union National Bank, or UNB, introduced first-of-its-kind Green Loan in the region to enable customers save on both energy and cost efficiency and has received tremendous response for the same.
The dangers are real and there is cause for alarm, but the general public is slow to catch up so AGT is a natural partner for this project as I feel we share the goal of raising awareness about the environment and effects of global warming.
AGT is the global leader in the verified carbon market and the first world-class sustainable investment group to trade Verified Emissions Reduction Carbon Credits.
Per-transaction fees for using the AGT website for facilities such as online auction entries and classified advertisements will be pounds 20, having ranged from pounds 10 to pounds 15, while an annual registration fee of pounds 100, which had been waived since 2007, will be re-introduced next year.
Within the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) system, favoured by the likes of AGT, that credit is given a number and listed in a database.
The partnership will also see AGT help the F1 team's partners achieve its Corporate Environmental Responsibility goals.
We got a lot of hype," said AGT marketing manager Ivan Guerassimov.
AGT is produced in 3 different meshes of sand, 1/4-in.
The 5 kw, 12v AGT 5000 from Fischer Panda is the latest hybrid power generator for cruisers and sailboats.
Under terms of the agreement, AGT will integrate an iris recognition technology of the company in cash management equipments.