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AGVAutomatic Guided Vehicle
AGVAutomatically Guided Vehicle
AGVAutomotrice à Grande Vitesse (French high speed train, successor to the TGV)
AGVArbeitsgemeinschaft der Verbraucherverbände (Germany: Working Party of the Consumer Associations)
AGVAutomatic Gas Shutoff Valve
AGVAccommodation Getaways Victoria (Australia)
AGVAutomated/Automatic Guided Vehicle
AGVAnime Grapevine (anime forum site)
AGVAvion a Geometrie Variable (France: Variable Geometry Aircraft)
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After winding, AGV outrigger forks fit under the hand trucks and lift the yarn spools slightly off the ground for transporting to the conditioning/drying area.
The stands that hold the discs are a different design because the AGV goes underneath them.
Brought on-line in 1975, two AGV systems in the plant employ a total of over 400 vehicles.
AGV uses sophisticated radio frequency identification (RFID)-based warehouse and transportation management systems to track packages in real time.
Finally, we're seeing the emergence of further innovation including autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, and vehicles that combine the mobility of an AGV with robotic arms for picking.
Albert Ang, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AGV Group, said, This listing is a significant milestone for our Group, and it is made even more meaningful as we become the first company providing hot dip galvanizing services to be listed on SGX.
An AGV will not take part in the execution of another task, until it finished the present task assigned i.
AGV noted it is having talks with three food producers located in China, including the internationally renowned Coca Cola, for cooperation.
AGV Products convinced us that its TRACE (Traffic Routing AGV Command Executive) 2000 control system was flexible enough to meet the Iowa City plant's needs," says Hanson.
The delivery and installation of own guidance systems for AGV