AGVQAttitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire
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Analysis performed (Shapiro et al, 1997) revealed that there were significant relations between factor scores of the AGVQ and self-reported gun ownership: For Aggressive Response to Shame t (1156) = 6.
Four additionally distinct yet conceptually related measures constituted this study's dependent measures of aggression (MPRI-C, MPRI-P, AGVQ, and School Detention / Referral Records).
Univariate analysis was again utilized to investigate where such differences lie, and in this case revealed that the AGVQ variable was significantly different across treatment groups at post test, F (1, 82) = 10.
With regard to aggression, a separate ANOVA procedure was run to test if groups were significantly different on the AGVQ variable after 1 year following treatment.
Regarding aggression, however, students exposed to the SCARE program were found to have significantly less aggressive attitudes at post test and delayed follow-up as reflected by their AGVQ scores.