AGVSAuto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz (German: Auto Trade Association Switzerland)
AGVSAutomated Guided Vehicle System
AGVSAir-to-Ground Voice Subsystem
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ABSFSim, an agent-based simulator focusing on AGVS, has been developed on the top of JADE framework.
As far as AGVS are concerned, control of AGVS is greatly influenced by the type of layout that is employed on the shop floor.
Therefore, in this paper, details of development of domain-specific ontology for shop floor control focusing on AGVS are presented.
Ontology development for AGVS was a part of ABSFSim development.
Within the past year or so, signs have indicated that American manufacturers are at last becoming aware of the potential benefits of AGVS.
Growth in usage of AGVSs in US industry from the 1950s through the 1970s held at a comfortable rate of 5 to 6 percent a year,' says Walter Adams, AGVS account manager with the Materials Handling Group of Portec, Oak Brook, IL.
FMSs (flexible manufacturing systems) have been getting a lot of publicity in recent months; for that reason, the use of an AGVS in FMS is now probably the best-known type of manufacturing application, Fact is, though, the potential for use of AGVS is far greater in assembly and plant integration applications than in FMS.
The second major type of AGVS application that holds strong promise in the years ahead is plant integration.
A design for a tandem AGVS with multi-load AGVs, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.
The addition of Mentor AGVS expands Webb's product line to include heavy- duty AGVs that transport loads of up to 100 tons, diesel-electric powered vehicles, and outdoor vehicles.
The acquisition of Mentor AGVS solidifies Webb's position in the growing AGV market by broadening our resources and applications," said Jonathan Ball, Webb's senior vice president and CFO.
All key employees from Mentor AGVS have joined the Webb Company.