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AHCIAdvanced Host Controller Interface
AHCIArts and Humanities Citation Index (journal index)
AHCIAsian Health Coalition of Illinois (est. 1996; Chicago, IL)
AHCIAmbanc Holding Co., Inc.
AHCIArt and Humanities Index
AHCIAdolescent Health Concerns Inventory
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The distribution of these publications in the SSCI and the AHCI databases clearly illustrates that Nordic research is more visible in the social sciences than in the arts and humanities.
In the Australian LIS context, the least productive databases were SCI and AHCI as they contributed only 26 journal articles not found in the other six databases, although AHCI contributed the highest share of unique articles (57%, Table 3b).
By cloud-enabling its operations, AHCI will no longer need to invest in additional hardware, software or processing speed as it grows.
universities still garnering the top marks in world rankings, East Asian universities struggle to keep up and (more ambitiously) to be contenders within the global ring and the "complex matters of conflicting impulses toward national and global identities" have resulted in some confusion between "the encouragement of scholarship that will have international impact" on the one hand and, on the other, an obsession with "using AHCI or SSCI indexed journals as the standard by which to produce globally-relevant scholarship" (Estok, "Re-defining" <http://dx.
The M6e is automatically recognized as an AHCI device, requiring no additional drivers.
Using AHCI or SSCI indexed journals as the standard by which to produce globally-relevant scholarship is only as useful to the degree that the journals are themselves relevant.