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AHCPRAgency for Health Care Policy and Research (now Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, AHRQ)
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For example, the authors of a review of the CPG issued by the AHCPR for heart failure found that there is emphasis on early treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF) attributable to reduced ventricular systolic function (17).
AHCPR (1998a) has delved further into outcomes and clinical performance measures with the development of a COmputerized Needs-oriented QUality Measurement Evaluation SysTem (CONQUEST).
Also during this middle phase, AHCPR reached another significant milestone in training program efforts: its share of NRSA funds increased substantially from 0.
Practice was defined as actions identified in the AHCPR guideline as being within the capability and scope of registered nurses of all educational levels.
AHRQ (then known as AHCPR, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research) supported the conference "Enhancing Patient Safety and Reducing Errors in Health Care," which launched the National Patient Safety Foundation.
The AHCPR guidelines were created to disseminate standardized pressure ulcer prevention and treatment recommendations based on scientific evidence.
AHCPR has just released a final evidence report from the Rand Corporation on the consortium's nominated topic, urinary-tract infection (UTI).
The AHCPR estimated that a physician who reads two peer journal articles each day would still be 800 articles behind at the end of one year.
In 1997, the AHCPR (Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research) designated MetaWorks as the only for-profit Evidence-Based Practice Center.
To understand relations between NIH, OAM, and AHCPR, it helps to look at the numbers.
To order a free copy of the brochure Prescription Medicines and You, write to AHCPR Publications Clearinghouse, P.