AHCSAnother Halo Comic Strip
AHCSAustralian Home Care Services Pty. Ltd. (Victoria, Australia)
AHCSAdams-Hanover Counseling Services (Hanover, PA)
AHCSAchievement House Charter School (Bryn Marw, Pennsylvania)
AHCSAdaptive Hierarchical Coding Scheme
AHCSAir Hub Control System
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Sin embargo, si comparamos las respuestas de los estudiantes segun las facultades a las que pertenecen sus programas, vemos que en ITI--a pesar de ser el segundo texto que se escribe con mayor frecuencia en esta facultad--, se lo hace significativamente menos que en AHCS y CNM.
Los estudiantes de AHCS son los que los producen con menor regularidad.
Finalmente, aquellos inscritos en posgrados de la facultad de AHCS se diferencian de los que lo estan en las facultades de ITI y CNM, ya que los primeros escriben con mas frecuencia ensayos y revisiones de articulos/libros o criticas de peliculas.
Asi, encontramos que los estudiantes de AHCS escriben con mas frecuencia ensayos y revisiones de articulos y libros o criticas de peliculas, mientras los inscritos en programas de ITI y CNM redactan mas frecuentemente informes de experimentos o proyectos y resumenes o abstracts para sus clases.
Tabla 1: Tipos de textos requeridos en los cursos de posgrado por facultades (promedios) Total AHCS CNM Resumen/abstract 2,64 (0,84) 2,77 (0,78) 2,79 (0,82) Informe de un experimento o 2,45 (1,03) 1,95 (0,96) 2,97 (0,87) proyecto Propuesta/plan 2,39 (0,9
1] The survival of AHCS will depend on their ability to mount a successful response to these challenges.
Primary care development is a leading strategic priority for AHCS in markets where capitation is imminent.
Many AHCS are restructuring new faculty groups as vehicles for managing capitation effectively.
As capitation becomes an increasingly larger portion of the AHCS business, the surpluses now accruing to individual departments will migrate in part to payers, but largely to network integrators and managers (primary care networks), subacute care, and other "substitution" providers.
In any event, it is critical to meetin, the service demands of the network, and probably the teaching demands of the new ambulatory/primary care-weighted curricula that many AHCS will need to adopt.
stated, "We are very excited about the recently signed agreement with AHCS.
AHCS was founded by physicians to empower physicians with the ability to maximize profits through ancillary revenues and to create the highest level of operational efficiencies through utilization of state-of-the-art technology.