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AHDAnalog High Definition (cameras)
AHDAmerican Heritage Dictionary
AHDAutomate Help Desk
AHDAustralian Height Datum
AHDAdvanced Healthcare Directive (legal document)
AHDAcademic Honors Diploma
AHDAlveolar Hydatid Disease
AHDAtherosclerotic Heart Disease
AHDAffordable Housing Directory (New York)
AHDAdvanced Help Desk
AHDAcademic Half-Day (education)
AHDAmerican Health Decisions
AHDAlaska-Hawaii Daylight (GMT-0900)
AHDAfter Hours Depository
AHDAlexandria Health Department (Virginia)
AHDAnti Handling Device
AHDAIDS and Human Development (United Nations Development Programme)
AHDAssociation Havraise des Diabétiques (French diabetic association)
AHDAcieries Hachette & Driout (French steel foundry)
AHDAltitude Heading Direction
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3 maternal deaths were reported in AHD group, whereas no maternal mortality was noted in CHD group.
Makowski added: AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA At AHD, we always strive to offer the most outstan and cost-effective medical services to all our patients according to the highest American healthcare standards.
AHD Series pumps are available in three sizes (AHD 15, 25 and 40) with maximum capacities of 4, 10 and 20 m3 /h (17, 44 and 87 gpm).
Athletes who wish to compete in the Olympic Games are required, in their entry form, to submit all disputes to the CAS AHD whether they wish to do so or not; otherwise they will not be allowed to participate.
The disease first appeared in 1993 in California, where an AHD outbreak killed several thousand deer, as well as some pronghorn antelope.
The plasma ALT increased from a basal mean (SD) of 45 (29) U/L to 2970 (1540) U/L during AHD, and ferritin increased from 200 (130) [micro]g/L to 18 260 (17 860) [micro]g/L.
It will directly display the AHD query form and allow you to enjoy the best free version of the AHD.
I recommend AHD online as an excellent tool for any writer.
The CAS AHD has operated at all the Summer and Winter Games since and including those held in Atlanta in 1996 (the so-called 'COKE Games'); and will again be in session at the Winter and Summer Games in Vancouver and London in 2010 and 2012 respectively.
AHD International has introduced a 50% grade of Bellalean--its brown seaweed fucoxanthin extract for weight management--making it the highest grade currently available for dietary supplement use, according to the company.
As part of its strategy of adopting the American Clinical and Business systems and providing the highest US standards of healthcare to the community, AHD is implementing a new healthcare information system across all the hospital's departments to ensure high and consistent standards of services for patients.
Desktop lexicons hereabouts concur with AHD that the idea of size is best left to other words, and present as synonyms expressive, eloquent, meaningful.