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As AHEB Investment Group confirms its successful negotiation for 20 key projects at the end of 2011, it also announces that company profits have also increased by 50%.
William Sickert, Principal and Director of International Zip Line Corporation comments: "Our experience with AHEB Investment group has been of the utmost in integrity and communication with respect to opportunities and programs.
The latest client of AHEB Invesment Group is a large construction group based in Europe, who invited AHEB to come on board in a joint venture, involving the construction of several large projects around Europe, valued at approximately 3 billion Euros.
Through several meetings, AHEB and the European construction group worked on the best possible way to establish and set up their cooperation for the benefit of all parties.
Commenting on the considerable diversity of the installation, AHEB Investment Group Managing Director Mr.
LIMASSOL, Cyprus, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AHEB Investment Group announced its exclusive partnership with QuickSilver in December 2010, designed to offer AHEB clients bespoke project management including project planning and design, execution, monitoring and control.
AHEB Investment Group is pleased to announce the launch of several new financial consulting services, further to the latest agreement signed in June 2011 between AHEB group and a new business partner, who will provide collaterals.
These investors are seeking business ventures and projects to fund and have a relationship of trust with AHEB to find them solid business opportunities to back.
QuickSilver's main role will be to mediate between AHEB Group and its clients and to assume hands on monitoring, reporting and validation of project delivery, working closely alongside any trusted local project consultants.
Specialised financial consulting firm AHEB Investment Group (http://www.
Through trusted relationships with its extensive network of individual and professional investors, AHEB can provide major projects such as this bioethanol one, with potential providers of guarantees and collateral required for their loan from a pool of investors who are seeking business ventures and projects to fund.
For their next major project which includes energy network installations in Russia, PRETA requested the assistance of AHEB Investment Group in order to assist in the complex funding application process.