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AHEMAssociation of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
AHEMAnimaniacs Handy Episode Manual (TV series)
AHEMAnimal Health Emergency Management (various locations)
AHEMAdvocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc (Arlington, MA)
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Tribal leaders in Kushar accused Houthis of planting landmines in Ahem, including the three landmines that exploded in homes.
Another important principle of effective communications, Ahem said, is that fundraisers will have more fun and success when they stop trying to get what they want (i.
However, there was a late, ahem, spurt of entries, so here's the full condom collection.
Ahem has expressed anger at the Blair attack on the CAP, especially as the British had agreed a new farm funding deal just three years ago that was to continue until 2013.
And to, ahem, become Gagaloo, Sarah has enlisted the help of the acclaimed producer Red One who made Lady Gaga sound as she does today.
It was a ridiculous storyline, with everyone from old Liz and Malcolm to Shellsuit, ahem, Boaby out on the street with their easels.
Which is a great move for companies, since statistics show many Americans haven't seen their actual families in decades, yet they always get to see the friendly hired faces of the other drones - ahem - playmates.
SIENNA MILLER and JUDE LAW sound like they're, ahem, having fun rekindling their romance.
No doubt he will be paid a handsome wedge for this, ahem, scientific insight.
But Mr and Mrs Madeley have had their contract extended and, are still being paid a fortune to, ahem, do less.
The WB's reality series ``Beauty and the Geek'' is improbably high-concept - combining dim-bulb babes and nerdy brainiacs in a competition requiring both sets of participants, ahem, ``skills'' - yet manages something surprisingly deeper.
The 150 players all come from the local, ahem, bordello and they're attempting to get their lives back on track.