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The improvement works, which are to be undertaken from 2016-2019, are expected to reduce to half the travel time and transport costs between the town of Isebania, on the Tanzanian border, and the town of Ahero.
56) After its formation, the nucleus labor unit of the Pioneers camped about three and a half miles beyond Ahero near Kisumu in Nyanza Province.
Two hundred and nine dried food samples (500g each) including: 50 omena, 31 rice, 22 groundnuts, 37 cassava, 41 maize, and 28 sorghum, were collected from Kibuye wholesale market, Kibuye open air market, Oile market, Ahero market and Mamboleo market.
Field trial of five repellent formulations against mosquitoes in Ahero, Kenya.
The National Irrigation Board had over 1000ha of furrow-irrigated cane in Ahero and West Kano Irrigation Schemes in the 70's but sugarcane production was terminated in 1980 due to marketing problems.
Healwayswas ahero to his family but is now a hero to the whole country.
A man, a friend, a brother, a son, a husband and ahero.
This study was conducted at the homestead of a local inhabitant in the midst of a rice growing region near Kisumu, in the Kamagaga Village, Ahero Irrigation Scheme Sub-Location, Ombeyi Location, Miwani Division, Nyando District, Nyanza Province, Kenya, Africa (Lat -0.
All the Perus crew homies kill it--Simo Makela, Enis Fazilov, and Paul Ahero, just to name a few.
The location at Ahero is 34[degrees] 56'East and 00 10' South.
AHERO motorist who dived into a canal to save a drowning baby from a crashed car toldyesterday how he burst into tears after rescuing her.
Elsewhere, all the irrigation schemes at Bura, Mwea, Bunyala, Perkerra, Hola, Ahero and West Kano are now fully operational in an effort to enhance production throughout the year.