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AHFAntihemophilic Factor
AHFAmerican Health Foundation
AHFAcute Heart Failure
AHFAmerican Himalayan Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
AHFAnhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (chemistry)
AHFArgentine Hemorrhagic Fever
AHFAmerican Hi-Fi
AHFActive Harmonic Filter
AHFAssociation for Historical Fencing
AHFAmerican Homeowners Foundation
AHFAutomotive Hall of Fame
AHFAttribute Hiding Factor
AHFAssociation Hémochromatose France
AHFArbeitskreis für Hausforschung (German)
AHFAssociation Huntington France (Huntington's disease research group)
AHFAmélioration de l'Habitat Français (French: French Housing Improvement)
AHFAdaptive High Frequency
AHFAdvanced Hadron Facility
AHFAlternating Hemiplegia Foundation (Association Française de l'Hémiplégie Alternante)
AHFAstronaut Hall of Fame
AHFAngus Heritage Foundation
AHFArmy Historical Foundation, Inc.
AHFAmerican Hobby Federation
AHFAnterior Hyaloid Face (ophthalmology)
AHFAlaska Health Fair, Inc.
AHFApproximate Hartree-Fock Method
AHFArbeitsgemeinschaft Außeruniversitärer Historischer Forschungseinrichtungen in der BRD eV (German: working group of non-university historical research establishments in the FRG)
AHFArnwine's Home Furnishings
AHFAerated Home Furnishings Ltd.
AHFAssociation of Hungarian Foundries (Hungary)
AHFAssociation Hippique de Fluquieres (French equine association)
AHFAIDS Healthcare Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)
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The AHF planned to unveil its 2018 International Condom Day song, "A Condom is always in Fashion.
Unfortunately for now were left with our currently inadequate therapy for AHF.
AHF has not received a cease-and-desist letter from the Sanders campaign.
Representative of the East Lancashire ELFA League and Director at Lancashire FA, Peter Thornton, said, "Everyone at ELFA is extremely proud of AHF FC - a well-run club with a great ethos that is always putting the kids first.
AHF was established as part of the federal government's response to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People's final report in 1998 with $350 million to support community-based healing initiatives for Aboriginal people impacted by physical and sexual abuse in residential schools.
340B is a Federal program overseen by the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations/covered entities such as AHF at significantly reduced prices.
To commemorate the 200,000 patient milestone, AHF released a video today titled "Everyone 1 Counts" that includes testimonials from AHF HIV/AIDS patients from around the world: https://www.
The AHF decided, this is the best time to promote it," he added.
The AHF, which is controlled by Middle Eastern countries and opposes the International Handball Federation's decision to annul the results of last year's Asian qualifiers, made the latest move two days before the start of the replays in Tokyo.
The VPN service offers a managed network-based solution, supported by AT&T's MPLS-based IP-enabled network, enabling flexible, secure data transport across various AHF locations.
An AHF spokesman said they were very excited about the Warwickshire launch.