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AHHAmerican Home and Habitat (textile outfitter company; Sealy, TX)
AHHAce's Happy Homepage
AHHAdaptive Hard Handoff
AHHArizona Heart Hospital
AHHAryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase
AHHAllHipHop.com (website)
AHHAlliance for Healthy Homes (Washington, DC)
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ten minutes for refreshments -- knductr'll strike the gong-bell two minutes before train leaves -- passengers for the Shore line please take seats in the rear k'yar, this k'yar don't go no furder -- AHH - pls, AW-rnjz, b'NANners, S-A-N-D'ches, p--OP-corn
As of September 30, 2012, AHH had assets of approximately USD142m, loans of USD97m, deposits of USD121m and shareholders' equity of USD13.
Bingham McCutchen LLP served as the legal advisor to the company and Tisdale & Nicholson LLP served in the same capacity for AHH.
Murphy said the partnership announced Wednesday would enable the Benton hospital to remain independent and for AHH to reach new patients.
Benzo([Alpha])pyrene, the most commonly used substrate in AHH studies, is metabolized to highly reactive epoxides [9-11] which bind covalently to cellular macro-molecules and initiate toxic and possibly carcinogenic responses.
The aim of this study was to examine the effects of ageing on cutaneous AHH activity in male and female Wistar and Brown Norwegian rats.
At the end of September 2012, AHH had about USD142m in assets, a loan book worth USD97m and deposits totalling USD121m.
AHH was advised by Sandler O'Neill & Partners LP and Tisdale & Nicholson LLP, while Bingham McCutchen LLP provided counsel to Sterling.
Although ads for AHH are starting to show up, Craig Douglass, owner of Douglass Communications, which represents AHH, says aggressive marketing of the hospital won't start until it opens in early 1997.
Douglass says the nature of hospital advertising in the state will change again with the completion of AHH.
We conclude that: (a) AHH activity is similar in young and old non-smoking individuals; (b) no significant differences were detected in in vivo induction of this enzyme activity between smokers and non-smokers.
In humans, cytochrome P450 1A1 induction in response to cigarette smoke in vivo has been noted in extrahepatic tissue, including placenta [5-7]; while cigarette smoke predisposition of lymphocytes to in vitro induction of AHH by a follow-up hydrocarbon inducer such as benzanthracene has also been suggested [8].