AHHIArctic Human Health Initiative (Alaska)
AHHIAryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase Inducibility
AHHIAnnual Household Income (also seen as AHI)
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2004) AHHI The average value (over the As above past three years) of the Herfindahl-Hirschman index computed based on the firm's market share (based on sales and using three-digit SIC industry classification) ROLL Roll's (1984) average effective CRSP and bid-ask spread over the fiscal authors' year calculation ILLI Amihud's (2002) illiquidity As above ratio, defined as the average over the fiscal year of the square root of the ratio of the daily absolute stock return to the corresponding daily dollar volume) ZERO Lesmond et al.
9) In a separate test, we replace AHHI with firms' self-reported number of competitors.
Where HCR is Head Count Ratio (proxy for poverty), AHHI is Average Household Income (proxy for Growth), GINI is Inequality Coefficient (proxy for inequality), AR (1) is Auto regressive (1), k is Trend rate of change in poverty due to time, d 0 is Intercept, d 1 is growth elasticity of poverty, d 2 is inequality elasticity of poverty, and e is random error in poverty measure.