AHLCAd-Hoc Liaison Committee (Palestine)
AHLCAmerican Hair Loss Council
AHLCAppignani Humanist Legal Center (American Humanist Association; Washington, DC)
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The AHLC seeks to promote dialogue between donors, the Palestinian Authority and the Government of Israel.
AHLC legal director Niose calls RFRA a mistake, citing it as "well-intended" legislation that had an unexpected negative effect:
The report notes that since the last meeting of the AHLC in New York on September 30, 2015, the international community, led by the Middle East Quartet, has continued its efforts to establish an environment conducive to a return to meaningful negotiations to end the occupation and resolve the conflict.
In a World Bank report issued for the AHLC meeting, they reported the PA will face a US$400 million shortfall by the end of the year.
As an illustration of how economic means are used to construct, re-construct, support, control, and threaten (depending on the agenda) I will use the example of the latest World Bank AHLC "Progress Report on the Implementation of the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan 2008-2010" (issued in London, May 2008).
The members of the AHLC met today in Brussels, to review the Palestinian state building process and to discuss ways to improve and sustain the Palestinian economy in its effort to maintain the viability of the two-state solution.
The EU foreign policy chief also met US President Donald Trump's special representative for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt who is participating in the AHLC meeting.
The AHLC is a 15-member committee that serves as the principal policy-level coordination mechanism for development assistance to the Palestinian people.
The AHLC aims at coordinating international assistance offered by donor countries to the Palestinian people.
I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the Kingdom of Norway for responding positively to our request for the commencement of this conference in its capacity as the chair of the AHLC.
I welcome the participation of the Gulf countries and also the Arab countries" Brende chair of AHLC told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after the meeting.
The State of Palestine's report to the AHLC, entitled "rebuilding the hope," explained the economic, political and financial conditions in the Palestine.