AHLEAcute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis
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AHLE is a rare demyelinating disease characterized by an acute rapidly progressive fulminant inflammation of the white matter.
Still, as there is evidence that AHLE might have a biphasic presentation, (15) our patient should be followed up for a longer time period with several MRIs.
AHLE is a rare and severe demyelinating disease, the mortality and morbidity of which can be lessened by early detection and treatment with steroid therapy, IVIG, acyclovir, and plasmapheresis.
I'd say the answer is either reinvest in his business or buy something for himself, or some combination," Ahles says.
Ahles and colleagues (2010) reported cognitive reserve (the mind's resistance to damage to the brain) is an additional variable to be addressed in older adults undergoing chemotherapy.
The shop hasn't sold one yet, but Fred Ahles says he's undaunted.
Ahles says new airplane sales slowed to a crawl when Cessna, Diamond and Piper crossed the $400,000 mark for new aircraft.
So we bought two other Dakotas to have them in inventory," Ahles says.
As Diamond came into its own during the early 2000s in a strong economy, Ahles saw it as a good fit with the more established Mooney At the time, Diamond's DA40 was a mid-performance entry-level airplane, but Diarridnd had no step up.
AH of that came as an outgrowth of us wanting to give customers greater choice," Ahles says.
We're quite a lot different than that," Ahles says, "We want to be the shop that others call for technical advice and service.