AHPRAArizona High Power Rocketry Association
AHPRAAustralian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Australia)
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The National Law only requires a health practitioner or an employer to notify AHPRA if they are aware that an impaired practitioner has practised the profession while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or placed the public at risk of substantial harm in the practice of the profession because the practitioner has an impairment.
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, "Welcome to AHPRA", online: AHPRA <http://www.
See Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, "Legislation", online: AHPRA <http://www.
All nurses need to re-register with AHPRA before 31 May each year and the Association has produced a resource to assist with this process entitled Guide to Continuing Professional Development: A resource guide to assist NSWNMA members in meeting their CPD requirements for ongoing national registration.
AHPRA has a process in place for the registration of overseas nurses.
I've had clarification from AHPRA in April 2014 that a nurse under national law is able to hold dual concurrent registration as an Enrolled and Registered Nurse.
We have recently written to AHPRA to urge them to write to those affected to notify them of the change.
I appealed the decision that AHPRA had made and my case was taken to the Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal.
AHPRA granted me my unrestricted midwifery registration.
AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) has failed us and nursing education is now a political bureaucracy loaded with vested interest groups that have little to no momentum to change an education style that has, and continues to, decimate nursing knowledge and hence the profession itself.