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AHRAmerican Historical Review (Journal of the American History Association)
AHRAryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
AHRAdjusted Hazard Ratio
AHRAssisted Human Reproduction
AHRairway hyper-responsiveness
AHRActive Head Restraint
AHRAir-Conditioning Heating Refrigeration
AHRAverage Heart Rate
AHRAlt.healing.reiki (Usenet newsgroup)
AHRAmerican Haflinger Registry (Akron, OH, USA)
AHRAqueous Homogeneous Reactor
AHRAcceptable Hazard Rate
AHRAbsorptive Heat Recovery
AHRAfter Heat Removal
AHRAttack Helicopter Regiment
AHRAssociation for Health Records
AHRAccumulated Hazard Rate
AHRArchives de l'Histoire Rurale (French: Archives of Rural History; Switzerland)
AHRApplied Horticultural Research
AHRAdvanced Hawkeye Radar
AHRAltantic Ham Radio Ltd.
AHRAvenir et Histoire des Recycleurs (French: Future and History of Recyclers)
AHRAtelier Hautes Résolutions (French: High Resolution Workshop)
AHRAcademy of Human Rights
AHRAsset Health Review
AHRAndrew Hayes Racing (kart racing team)
AHRAdvancing Human Rights (New York, NY)
AHRAviemore Highland Resort, Ltd. (Scotland, UK)
AHRAverage Hull Roughness (sailing)
AHRAustralian Health Review (Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association)
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Martin Wright, managing director at AHR, said: "Robert Barr joining AHR comes at an exciting time for the practice within a rising market.
In addition, we investigated possible correlations between gut microbiota composition and signaling pathways, such as AHR and farnesoid X receptor (FXR), in response to TCDF exposure with the goal of identifying a specific host-microbiota signaling axis.
The researchers exposed baby mice to a type of free radical found in air pollution, which triggered Ahr.
AHR and KIAA0101 expressions were significantly higher in ccRCC than in normal kidney [fold change, 1.
The AHR banner, which is set to encompass 450 staff, takes over the former UK operation, along with offices in Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.
Despite the many ways that AHR infuse our lives, human service professions have been slow to embrace the relevance of animals in the lives of clients, and, hence, to include AHP, in research, education, and practice.
Its latest effort under the AHR initiative is working with communities to create a regional water trail for kayaking on the Detroit, Rouge, Huron and Raisin Rivers.
Canada's AHR Act, which is to be fully implemented by 2008, was greatly influenced by the UK legislation (and, to a minor degree by Australia).
The AHR people say the fence has been approved by MI5 and the Metropolitan Police.
AHR has been working in partnership with the state, the city and other nonprofit and for-profit developers since then to rejuvenate the neighborhood with new, affordable single-family housing.
The link-up between Edgbaston-based TCN Architects - formerly Temple Cox Nicholls, one of the leading practices in the Midlands - and Aedas AHR will create a UK-wide business generating fee income of pounds 22 million a year.