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AHRAAudio Home Recording Act
AHRAAmerican Healthcare Radiology Administrators
AHRAAmerican Hot Rod Association
AHRAArabian Horse Registry of America
AHRAAmerican Home Recording Act
AHRAAdvanced Helmet Sight Reticle Assembly
AHRAAutomatic Header Rate Adjustment
AHRAActon Hot Rod Association (UK)
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In this regard, some feminists initially opposed to commodification, but now aware of the pressure from reproductive tourism on national regulatory limits, may be ready to rethink the prohibitions in the AHRA.
The AHRA and Toshiba Putting Patients First Program provides six grants of up to USD 7,500 each to hospitals and imaging centers, and an additional grant of up to USD 20,000 to an Integrated Delivery Network.
I make three related claims that have thus far been under-explored in the legal scholarship: first, the central dispute in Re AHRA between McLachlin CJC on the one hand and LeBel and Deschamps JJ on the other is fundamentally about the role of legislative history; second, the adoption of the threshold of the "reasoned apprehension of harm" into federalism analysis will only strengthen the importance of such legislative history in future cases; and third, the decision may unintentionally represent the further "blunting" of a criminal law power already criticized for its inflexibility.
While the AHRA did not dramatically affect user expectations, its follow-up, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), would profoundly impact the balance of rights between music industry copyright holders and users.
Finalmente, participaron 23 de los 62 hoteles asociados (37,10%), repartidos entre las 8 provincias que componen la Comunidad Autonoma de Andalucia, lo cual supone una muestra representativa de los hoteles rurales de AHRA, cuya oferta hotelera como se ha comentado con anterioridad a su vez representa cerca de 4 de cada 10 plazas de turismo rural en Andalucia.
The AHRA is historically significant as the first DRM regulation of
While section 6 of the AHRA bans payment for remunerated or commercial surrogacy, as well as for its arrangement, (92) it allows for unpaid agreements that provide reimbursement to the surrogate for expenditures associated with the surrogacy.
10) Human reproductive material means "a sperm, ovum or other human cell or a human gene, and includes a part of any of them," AHRA, supra note 6, s 3.
AHRA imposed a tax on certain technologies, such as blank cassettes, digital audiotape, and CD-Rs, which made it easier to produce copies of sound recordings.
Further, the AHRA faced the same issues as ASCAP and CCC--how to collect and distribute the tax revenue?
The AHRA requires that devices capable of making digital copies of music
Cal 1988) the RIAA attempted to halt the manufacture and sale of the Diamond Rio MP3 player claiming firstly that it serialised the copying of MP3 music, secondly that the player was a DAR, and as a result the player was not complaint with the AHRA.