AHRFAmerican Hearing Research Foundation
AHRFArizona Human Rights Fund (gay and lesbian rights organization)
AHRFacute hypercapnic respiratory failure
AHRFAlberta Historical Resources Foundation (est. 1973; Alberta, Canada)
AHRFAncient Historical Research Foundation
AHRFAmerican Hot Rod Foundation (Greenwich, CT)
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Given our relationship with our aboriginal communities, might CoGS decide to contribute the funds to the AHRF in all events?
Alternatively, CoGs could redirect the General Synod share to a fund similar to the AHRF but not subject to the same operating constraints, Jones said.
Background information provided by AHRF identifies legal and political barriers to NGO operations as a primary concern.
A fact sheet released by AHRF notes that even the concept of a set of universal rights is itself viewed as an "essentially Western construct.
An AHRF press release quotes board chairman Fateh Azzam as saying: "The idea of establishing AHRF was prompted by the desire to increase resources for human rights protection in a focused manner, to reduce dependence on foreign funding, and to encourage social justice philanthropy in the Arab region.
The background information provided by AHRF indicates that it remains difficult for local NGOs and active individuals to "participate in setting priorities" because international donors often base their contributions on current trends instead of strategic approaches accounting for the specific needs of the region.
Hirschl reported that older AHRF patients generally have more severe disease, often involving multiple organs, and therefore have a poorer prognosis.
In addition, LiquiVent is under development for use in pediatric AHRF patients, and large, pivotal clinical traits in this population are ongoing in the United States and Canada.
AHRF is a life-threatening pulmonary disorder than can result from many causes, including serious infections, traumatic shock, severe burns or inhalation of toxic substances.
Properties must be designated as either municipal or provincial historic resources in order to be eligible for AHRF grants.
Through the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program, AHRF provides matching grants to individuals and organizations for initiatives that preserve and interpret Alberta's heritage through conservation, heritage awareness, publications, research grants, and scholarships.