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AHSCArizona Health Sciences Center
AHSCAtlantic Health Sciences Corporation
AHSCAsian Heritage Street Celebration (San Francisco, CA)
AHSCAffordable Housing Study Commission (Florida)
AHSCAmerican Hemi Speed Centre (Australia)
AHSCArmour Heights Soccer Club (Canada)
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For comparison, age (16-25 yrs) and sex matched MBBS, AHSC, BDS, and BPT students admitted in KLE University, Belgaum, were enrolled as controls.
A Department for Health spokeswoman last night accepted there had been confusion because of the titles but said the two schemes - AHSC and CLAHRC - were "totally separate entities".
All of the administratively recorded procedures performed under the Department of Medicine or Surgery during the study period in each AHSC were included in the study(2).
The solarium lounges that AHSC designed have proved a success for residents, their families, and staff.
Developing a structured system to educate, develop, and support potential projects as they weave their way through the multi-year process prior to AHSC application.
He added that there was also a possibility of working with other areas in the north, such as Manchester, to create a regional AHSC.
The BRAID project was launched in the summer of 2006; representatives from UNBSJ, AHSC, and NBCCSJ formed a three-person facilitator team to advance the project's mandate.
The financial people in AHSC are participants who want to leave management in place, and their goal is for the company to operate as before and to continue to be a successful business.
Tenders are invited for To Furnish The Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) With An Assessment Of AHSC Marketing And Communications
Steve Copenhagen is a principal of AHSC McLellan Copenhagen, and managing principal of the firm's San Francisco office.
In November Alco Health was sold to AHSC Holdings Corp.