AHTFAffordable Housing Trust Fund (various states)
AHTFAffordable Housing Task Force
AHTFAmerican Horse Trials Foundation, Inc. (Centreville, MD)
AHTFAmerican Hand Therapy Foundation (Baton Rouge, LA)
AHTFAntihurricane Technology Fund
AHTFAmerican Heat Treat Furnaces Corp. (Milwaukee, WI)
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TSI=Average of AHTF for the Zone/Average of AHTF for Outdoor (3)
Analysis of the data in Table 5 proves that using the PCM reduces the AHTF by 16% and 15% (comparing AHTF in No PCM and mezzanine columns) in winter and summer, respectively.
AHTF of Different Zones and Outdoor Temperature in the First Week of Jan.
2895), has indicated he is wilting to fight for AHTF funding in the FHA bill.
The diversion of these funds into the AHTF, however, would first have to be authorized in legislation.