AHTSAnchor Handling Tug Supply
AHTSAnchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel
AHTSAnchor Handling Tug Support (vessel)
AHTSAnti-Human T-Lymphocyte Serum (immunopathology)
AHTSAnti-Human Tonsil Serum
AHTSAn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Templating System (website design)
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Twenty-six of the 36 vessels ordered are AHTS with 80 tons of bollard pull, and the other ten are particularly economical PSVs of 1600 tons deadweight.
We believe that our cost basis in these vessels is very attractive given the current shortage of 8,000 horsepower AHTS vessels, which should allow us to be very competitive in the international market.
In particular, the new orders of AHTS in 2007 hit the record high of 362 vessels, while the figure in 2008 dropped to 201 units due to the oversupply.
Zamil Offshore entered the "work boat" industry in 1977 with its Zamil Supplier AHTS, its first offshore vessel which it succeeded in chartering to Saudi Aramco to support its offshore oil and gas industry.
The joint venture will own and operate two units of Indonesian flagged 100+ tons bollard pull AHTS, "WINPOSH Rampart" and "WINPOSH Resolve", both of which have been awarded contracts to support drilling activities for a multinational oil and gas company for up to two and half years.
Upon delivery, the two 240-foot KMAR 404 AHTS vessels began term contracts at attractive day rates averaging $23,000 per day.
The second AHTS, Caspian Reliance, is to be deployed in the Caspian Sea with a firm contract value of $13.
Moreover, the Company plans to increase its offshore fleet through the acquisition of an additional AHTS (Anchor Handler Tug Supply) vessel during the second quarter of 2006.
JIANG Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of Sinopacific said: The visit of Rolls-Royce senior executives to Sinopacific in 2013 reinforced the relationship between our two companies as did the provision of Rolls-Royce integrated equipment packages for Sinopacifics in-house designed SPA150 AHTS series.
AHTS vessel is expected to hold majority of offshore support vessel market Continuous progress in offshore oil & gas industry, increase in rigs count and exploration rate create strong prospects for the future of offshore support vessel market globally.
The cabotage exemption for DP2 Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), AHTS above 5000BHP and Diving Support Vessels ended on 31 December 2012, and there has been a notable increase in charter rates for available Indonesian flagged vessels in the high value category.