AHVPAlexander Hutton Venture Partners (Seattle, WA)
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Unite/CPHVA professional officer Dave Munday commented: 'One of the promises of the AHVP is to increase health visitors, and Lord Laming recommended that strategic health authorities (SHAs) should co-ordinate that.
Prior to joining AHVP, Johnston held several senior marketing positions with Microsoft Corporation.
According to Jerry Keppler, managing director of AHVP and also a new board member at Myrio, the combination of Myrio's technology and well-defined channel strategy is what attracted the Seattle-based fund.
The tremendous array of products and technologies makes Vanson HaloSource a very compelling company," said Johnson, managing director of AHVP.
Inaugurated in December 1999, AHVP focuses on nurturing early-stage technology companies located in the Pacific Northwest.