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AIAFAssociate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (insurance)
AIAFAssociazione Italiana degli Analisti Finanziari (Italian Association of Financial Analysts)
AiAFArtificial Intelligence - Auto Focus (Canon)
AIAFAssociation Internationale des Archives Francophones (French)
AIAFAustralian International Animation Festival (annual)
AIAFAsociación de Intermediarios de Activos Financieros (Spain's Association of Financial Asset Brokers)
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However, the student with limited time and the pressure to pass the AIAF 113 examination will find these chapters particularly valuable.
Hardesty III, CPCU, CISA, CIA, AIAF, PMP - Information Technology
Orc Software is next exhibiting at the 16th Aiaf Assiom Atic Forex Congress that will take place in Naples on February 12-13, 2010.
Orc Software is next exhibiting in Italy at the 15x AIAF ASSIOM ATIC FOREX Congress in Milan on February 20-21.
Condon, JD, CPCU, RPLU, AIAF, ASLI, ARe, President of Casualty and Surety of NY, Inc.