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AIAIArtificial Intelligence Applications Institute (Edinburgh, Scotland)
AIAIAl-Ittihad Al-Islami (Islamic Union)
AIAIArtificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (conference)
AIAIAll India Association of Industries (India)
AIAIAssociation of Iroquois and Allied Indians (Canada)
AIAIArtificial Intelligence Association of Ireland
AiaiAdministrativ Interaktiv Assistans över Internet (Swedish: Administrative Interactive Assistance over Interne)
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AIAI is a strong association that has been around for 33 years and our agenda is a community-driven one.
Through the 3 - day Summit, WTC Mumbai and AIAI are offering a platform to explore the future management of clusters through mutual co-operation, inviting deliberations from experts on clusters, government officials and stake holders.
Donald Maracle, who holds the health portfolio for the AIAI said, "The government must consult with First Nations on the changes to the NIHB program and ensure that these changes are based on the health needs of our people and not motivated by cost containment measures or budget decisions.
As an example, take AIAI (the ancients thought these letters, an expression of grief, were on the petals of the hyacinth).
While AIAI has committed terrorist acts in the past and has adherents throughout the region, in recent years AIAI has become factionalized and its membership decentralized.