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AIASAmerican Institute of Architecture Students
AIASAcademy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
AIASAssociazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici
AIASAmerican International Assistance Service
AIASAmerican Institute of Applied Science
AIASAssociazione Italiana Addetti Sicurezza
AIASAssociazione Italiana Amatori delle piante Succulente (Italian)
AIASAutomatic Incident Actuation System
AIASAircraft Inertial Alignment System
AIASAirborne Integrated Antenna System
AIASAssociation Internationale Albert Schweitzer
AIASAmsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (Netherlands)
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AIAS has in the past accelerated its leverage reduction by using available cash to pay-down debt and lower annual debt service.
There has never [been], in the history of the AIAS, a simultaneous closure of airports, except for the airspace closure associated with 9/11," Parrott says.
Table1 gives an explicit illustration with comparisons between real immune system and AIAS.
There is a lot of work to be done for all of us, at AIAS and elsewhere.
Independientemente, otros organismos internacionales como FIAT/IFTA (Federacion Internacional de Archivos de Television) o AIAS (Asociacion Internacional de Archivos Sonoros y Audiovisuales), serviran tambien como plataforma para que los profesionales puedan informarse y buscar orientacion.
To find out the winners, you either can book a flight to Atlanta or check out the AIAS Web site at www.
Argus will be acquired through the purchase of 100% of the equity of its parent AIAS holding Company, LLC.
It shares a sense of what is funny with Busted out laughing (Collard and Hackner 2003), the biography of Dot Collard, Cameron's fellow West Australian, as well as being reminiscent of Robert Lowe's (2002) The mish, about life on the Framlingham mission in Victoria, and Bill Cohen's biographical storytelling from the Macleay Valley of New South Wales in To my delight (Cohen and AIAS 1987).
The Academy is a non-profit organization that is member funded and supported," explained Martin Rae, president of the AIAS, (http://www.
John richly describes his move through history and on to archaeology--including his contribution to the development and administration of such excellent bodies as AIAS.
In addition Fitch also upgrades to 'AA-' from 'A+' the rating on approximately USD400m in outstanding AIAS airport system revenue bonds.