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AIBOArtificial Intelligence Robot (Sony)
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Every year, AIBO takes another step towards totally autonomous behaviour and intelligence," says Martin Newham, Founder and Leader of the AIBO Owner's Club in the UK "Our members are always being surprised by the way their AIBO reacts to different experiences, learns new attributes and adapts to life in the home.
The ERS-7 is a fantastic step forward for the AIBO concept, aiming to facilitate interaction between humans and robots.
AIBO ERS-220, as the robot is formally known, is a sleek silver creature whose body looks like a cross between a greyhound and a sports car.
Although Sony will limit to three the number of AIBOs that can be ordered by a single phone call or letter to the company, it said it is willing to allow customers to place orders repeatedly.
Given the prices of many of these high-tech gizmos (the AIBO sells for $2,500 and is only available through Sony's Web site at www.
For example, if an AIBO is shown a red ball and its owner taps it on the head, it will retreat the next time it sees the ball.
As he spoke AIBO cocked its leg against a lamp-post.
With an accompanying software application entitled AIBO MIND (on 32 MB Memory Stick(R) media bundled with the ERS-7), the ERS-7 will allow owners to interact with the robot in numerous ways.
said Monday it will offer orange and white lion cub AIBO ERS-210 robots for a limited time between March 1 and 20.
and Good Guys (Nasdaq:GGUY), today announced that ERA has further expand its retail distribution by selling the brand new futuristic AIBO 220 (ERS-220), and the silver AIBO 2nd Generation Entertainment Robot at select West Coast Good Guys locations and online at www.
With one simple voice command AIBO can read the morning's headline news while its owner folds the laundry," said Toshi Kawai, senior manager of Entertainment Robot America (ERA), a division of Sony Electronics.
With the advanced new AIBO MIND 2 software, AIBO gains the ability to record moving pictures through wireless connectivity, recognise patterns, voices and faces, obey commands to play music from MP3 lists or Internet radio and dance along, read out scheduled items and wake you