AIBPAccelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (India)
AIBPAlabama India Business Partnerships
AIBPAnglo Irish Beef Processor (Ireland)
AIBPAgro-Industrial By-Product
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The programme is being implemented pari-passu with AIBP since XII Plan.
AIBP was launched by the central government during 1996-1997 to give loan assistance to states to help them complete some of the incomplete major or medium irrigation projects and to create additional irrigation potential in the country.
During 2016-17, 99 ongoing projects under PMKSY- AIBP were identified for completion in phases by December-2019.
The tribunal was told AIBP operated "a demerit" system which fined staff five points for lateness or for leaving work early, 10 points for an excused absence and 20 points for an unexcused absence.
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Knowledge of the totality and quantitative availability of feeds (forages, crop residues, AIBP and NCFR)
However, AIBP and other processors rejected the IFA claims that prices were down on last year, and said the demonstrations could cause long-term damage to the industry.
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About the five AIBP projects of the Karnataka the Minister informed that one project has been completed and the remaining four will be completed in the next financial year.
Chidambaram to obtain ideas and suggestions from state governments, Patel appraised that under present AIBP guidelines, the Central Government provides financial assistance to the tune of 90 percent in Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) areas and only 25 percent in Desert Development Programme (DDP) areas.
Mr Dillon said his organisation had specifically targeted Ardee to highlight the fact that the AIBP group, which accounts for one quarter of all cattle slaughtered, were at the bottom of the cattle price league.
Navarra, AIA, AIBP, Alpen-fleisch, Alpuro, Amadori, AMF, Anca Lega, Anderson Schroder, Anner-stedt, Annuss Fleisch, Arcadie EspaSa, Arena, Arena Holding, Argal, Arrive, Arta Coop.