AICATArava International Center for Agricultural Training (Israel)
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AICAT users vary greatly, a sampling includes: a Robotics and Unmanned Sensors project management team members; an Active Guard Reserve training NCO for the G2 in a Sustainment Command; National Guard Battalion S2s, and a Space and Missile Defense doctrine writer.
Many users discover unique applications for AICAT tools to suit their specific requirements.
To conduct such a comparison in AICAT, go to the "Baseline Data' module, click on the "Ad Hoc Queries" then the "Task" tab and select "Individual Tasks.
If your section is missing a SSG 35F or a 35D O2 All Source Intelligence Officer, you can use AICAT in a similar fashion to generate a comprehensive task list including both individual and collective tasks.
AICAT provides you with the capability of taking your training calendar to another level where, with a single query, you have the ability to pull AUTL tasks and the supporting collective tasks and individual tasks.
The Baseline portion of AICAT contains codified and standardized reference material from which all other material is derived.
The AICAT DMS provides a repository where various MI related documents are stored in categories with appropriate protection levels.
Users are able to submit documents into AICAT using the "Submission Form" feature found on the initial DMS screen.
Spiraled and phased uploads to the baseline section of AICAT include MI related Tables of Organization and Equipment (TOEs) and Modified TOEs, Missions, and Drills.
METL Development: AICAT provides reports that link AUTLs to collective tasks and the supporting individual tasks.