AICBAll-India Confederation of the Blind (Delhi, India)
AICBAssociate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers
AICBAssociation Internationale Contre le Bruit (French: International Association Against Noise; Switzerland)
AICBAdobe Illustrator Clip Board
AICBAssociate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
AICBAvenue International Capital Bhd. (Malaysia)
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11 in ADRC, 22 in AICB, 9 in BRA, 24 in CRL, 6 in DC, 15 in DPL and 13 in RNBTBL.
AICB, DPL and BRA have their own Braille press which produce books or magazines in Braille.
In this study, out of the seven libraries, ADRC and AICB have the highest number of respondents using both Braille and Audio books with 81.
10 in ADRC, 9 in AICB, 6 in BRA, 17 in CRL, 6 in DC, 7 in DPL and 11 in RNBTBL.
7% of the users in AICB face difficulty due to the scarcity of course books in Braille as audio books are the main source of information available, while it is 54.