AICUPAssociation of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania
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AICUP officials estimated that the five-year, $250 million bond issue could create another 8,900 jobs in the state.
According to the AICUP study, students attending independent higher education institutions in the state spend more than $1 billion annually.
While these economic statistics are very impressive, the primary economic benefit to the Commonwealth is the well-educated graduates we send into the workforce every year," said Don Francis, AICUP president.
Victoria Justus of Turning Bird Consulting, advisor to AICUP, will be working directly with participating AICUP members and has already performed a number of on-site reviews with volunteer peer review teams.
AICUP will train Environmental Compliance Reviewers from the ranks of the personnel at the participating schools.
Under the program, FirstEnergy Services will offer proposals to meet the natural gas and fuel oil needs of individual AICUP members in western Pennsylvania.
We're pleased to be working with FirstEnergy Services in our ongoing effort to maximize savings for our members," said Tim Alexander, director of finance and administration of AICUP.
We look forward to working with AICUP, and helping its members achieve their savings goals," said Douglas S.
AICUP, a statewide consortium of 82 private colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, includes many leading institutions as members.
We are very excited about working with JourneyEd largely because this relationship represents a model for consortia software contract management," said Tim Alexander, Vice President, Finance and Administration for AICUP.
We are very pleased that Conectiv Energy has agreed to join the family of AICUP-endorsed companies and that they are illustrating this support by providing tangible value to the private higher education community," said Tim Alexander, Director of Finance and Administration of AICUP.
Chuck Hurchalla, Vice President of Marketing for Conectiv Energy agreed saying, "We can offer substantial energy savings, reliable service, and an array of energy-related services to AICUP members.