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AICWAtlantic Intracoastal Waterway
AICWAdvanced Individual Combat Weapon
AICWAssociation of Italian Canadian Writers
AICWAdvanced Infantry Combat Weapon
AICWAssociazione Italiana Classi Windsurf
AICWAPEX Internet Call Waiting
AICWAmerican Institute of Creative Writing
AICWAlumni in the Classroom Week
AICWAuto Impression Cylinder Washer
AICWAdditional Increased Cost of Working
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Meanwhile, the Aussies at DTSO are using their tough and effective license-built Austrian Steyr AUG assault rifle as the platform for the AICW and have placed a Metal Storm grenade-launcher barrel on top.
I believe the AICW has the potential to become a mainstay of the next generation of western infantry weapons," the Metal Storm system inventor says quite matter-of-factly.
Sponsored by the Capability Development Group of the Australian Department of Defence, and led by the Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO), the AICW Capability Technology Demonstrator project includes Metal Storm and Tenix Defence as consortium members.
The AICW is an integrated weapon concept which combines a standard 5.
The perceived advantage of the AICW concept is that the grenade launcher capability is fully integrated into the one combat weapon, and as it utilizes Metal Storm technology, it can carry up to three rounds in the barrel ready to fire using the integrated common operating systems.
AICW is well along the path to achieving all these capabilities.