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AIDANAll India Drug Action Network (India)
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Mel gives Mick the number of someone who can take care of Aidan permanently
Running out of options, manic Mick meets with Vincent and asks him if he'll help him dispatch Aidan for good.
One scene shows Aidan reeling as Eva comes into their room.
I asked his friend, which is how I learned his name was Aidan.
A narrative conclusion was recorded stating Aidan died due to his own actions while suffering from stress.
With a fourth series being filmed in September - and series five being written - Aidan is getting used to playing the starring role.
Aidan, who plays Ross Poldark returning from the American War of Independence, was confident the 18th century drama would be successful.
Aidan isn't alone in his quest for a better prosthesis.
This was "big-time hunting," and we could all tell Aidan knew it.
Aidan, of Elm Terrace, Tividale, collapsed in the playground on November 16 after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Dubai Seven-year-old Aidan Snyman is no ordinary boy.