AIDCOAutomotive Industrial Development Company
AIDCOEuropeAid Co-Operation Office
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Whether the AIDCO syntax will significantly improve the discussion of collective action and common pool resource management is something that will take more time to answer.
Having the capability to accept and fulfill customer's orders is a necessity that manufacturers and distributors can no longer afford to ignore," said Jeff Hadley, vice president of Engineering Technology for AIDCO International.
AIDCO's Palligistics system uses a newly developed, patent-pending AIDCO GripStar CFVC 200 end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) mounted on the KUKA robot.
Officials from DGs RELEX and AIDCO fear that the French plan will only undermine or duplicate the existing Euromed structures and projects and will bring only little added value.
These investigations were conducted in partnership with other bodies, in particular the Commission Directorate General AIDCO (Europe Aid Cooperation Office) and ECHO (European Community Humanitarian Aid Department).
To this end, the Commission adopted specific action plans on December 17 for the Environment, Research and Development DGs, AIDCO, ECHO and Relex.