AIDMOArab Industrial Development and Mining Organization
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Head of Kuwait's delegation to the meeting and Director General of the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Mohammad Al-Ajmi said that it was an honor to elect a Kuwaiti for the position as head of AIDMO, stressing that Al-Saqer will do his best to run the organization.
AIDMO is an Arab Organization specialized in the fields of industry, mining and standardization, operating under the Arab League and working within a strategy developed through a joint Arab economic action approved by the Arab Summit Conferences.
In this regard, AIDMO continues its environment protection attempts in general and the consumption rationalization in particular by organizing several activities and events particularly by the preparation of studies, seminars and training courses in this regard, as well as, promoting the idea of the clean production and the green industries.
The AIDMO has presented to the Council a detailed program for fostering the small and medium industries.
Dealing with the executive steps of the programs, the AIDMO chief said it divides the Arab countries into three integrated groups each of which consists of countries with similar features.
At the conclusion of the 22nd general assembly of AIDMO held here, the members also elected Adel Sagar Al-Sager of Kuwait assistant director general of the pan-Arab organization.
The AIDMO general assembly lasted three days and concluded with a ministerial meeting here, with the participation of delegations from 18 Arab countries.
The conference is co-organized by AIDMO and the Italian ministry for
Meanwhile, AIDMO Director General Mohammad Bin Youssef said that trade
The ESC also referred the comprehensive blueprint set by the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) for achieving the Arab food security to the AIDMO general assembly to take necessary measures and sumbit its findings to ESC during its upcoming session.