AIEFAmerican Indian Education Foundation (National Relief Charities)
AIEFAmerican International Education Foundation (Brea, CA)
AIEFAdvertising Industry Emergency Fund (est. 1972; California)
AIEFAssociation Internationale des Études Françaises (French: International Association of French Studies)
AIEFARMA International Educational Foundation
AIEFAustralasian Institute of Enterprise Facilitators (est. 1997)
AIEFAmerica Israel Education Federation
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BHP Billiton Iron Ore President, Jimmy Wilson, said the alliance with AIEF showed his company's dedication to supporting educational and growth opportunities for indigenous people in Australia.
concerning alleged lobbying activities by the AIPAC and/or the AIEF.
AIEF is a charitable organization with ties to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby group.
The AIEF political junket and the CUFI church meetings are examples of the recent push to recruit pro-Israel support among the African American community, according to Nathan Guttman in a recent article in the Jewish newspaper, Forward.
AIEF s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Penfold, said the funding would make a substantial difference.
Established in 1992, AIEF is a non-profit organization which has worked with members of both the public and private sector to provide information on a wide variety of international student services and international educational exchange programs.
Lyn Tysdal, Program Manager of AIEF and author of a white paper titled "Native Student Success and Innate Potential" says: "Creating more opportunities for Native American students, and any students with low access, is key.
The full results of the study are available in the report, "A Minor Nuisance Spread Across the Organization: Factors Leading to the Establishment and Support of Records and Information Management Programs," available for free download at the AIEF (www.
AIEF Legal Obstacles to E-mail Message Destruction--John Montana, J.
These champions pledged to contact every ARMA member before the end of February, asking for members' support for the "5/100 Legacy Campaign" This is a monumental task and one that will ensure the legacy of the AIEF.
The initial allocation was made in July; the second allocation was contingent upon AIEF meeting particular milestones it had presented to the ARMA board.