AIERAmerican Institute for Economic Research
AIERAustralian Institute of Employment Rights (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
AIERAPICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) Institute of Education and Research
AIERAnonymous Individual Employee Records (Washington)
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Upon a final proof by the council's representatives, this plan should become legally binding for the AIER Ilalo in 2014.
Simultaneously to carry out the participatory land-zoning process in the AIER Ilalo, the prototype of the GeoCitizen-platform (http://ilalo.
Using the ArcGIS for Server Javascript API, platform users could activate three different background layers in order to retrieve additional information for the pilot study area: the land use plan in force (PUOS), the proposed new participatory land use plan for the AIER Ilalo and a shapefile showing the proposed section of the Ruta VIVA freeway.
In particular, this research should encourage the development of a democratically legitimated and legally binding spatial management plan for the AIER Halo, and at best should be extended to other communities and municipalities in the area as best practice case.
71) Although increasingly, company-level 'opt-outs' from sectoral agreements have become features of these systems: see AIER Report, pp 49-50; A fair go at work, p 55; and, for example, Michael Whittall, 'Modell Deutschland under Pressure: The Growing Tensions between Works Councils and Trade Unions' (2005) 26 Economic and Industrial Democracy 569.
74) See AIER Report, pp xvi-xvii, 61,63-64, and Appendix 2.
84) See A fair go at work, pp 44-45; AIER Report, pp 40-43; for further detail, see Twomey 2007, Chapter 4.