AIHRCAfghan Independent Human Rights Commission
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Addressing the reporters on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, AIHRC Chief Sema Samar expressed her concern over the culture of impunity that exists in cases of violence against women.
The report released by the AIHRC has struck a nerve at the highest levels with numerous ministries of justice and religion campaigning for penalties and punishment for the perpetrators.
To prevent atrocities against detainees, the Canadian government has pointed to the monitoring efforts of both the International Red Cross and the AIHRC.
The AIHRC reported the two students were reinstated at the university and all charges against them suspended.
The AIHRC is an independent national body with the mandate to promote and protect the human rights of Afghans, and to investigate alleged human rights violations.
Expressing concerns over 25% increase, the AIHRC said access to education, lack of government attention to protect women rights and absence of relevant law were among reasons behind the increase in violence against women.
President Karzai appointed Hotak, along with four other new commissioners, to the AIHRC in June 2013.
Over the past ten years, the AIHRC has received more than 19,000 complaints related to violence against women.
The Paris Principles, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, explain how appointments to national human rights institutions such as the AIHRC should be made.
The people of Afghanistan have demonstrated a high level of interest and enthusiasm to participate and practice their political rights in the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections," Sima Samar, the chairperson of AIHRC, said.
However, by its own admission, the AIHRC has limited resources, little clout with the local police and only eight staff members to monitor Afghanistan's southern provinces.
Rafeeaullah Bedar, spokesperson for the AIHRC (Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission) says children are the most vulnerable in Afghan society.