AIIFAttorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund (South Africa)
AIIFAutomated Installation Intelligence File
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The most dramatic difference between one journal's IIF and AIIF is with the JRU.
Also, IME's and the NAAJ's AIIF increased by 121 percent and 91 percent, respectively.
The AIIF is the IIF calculated excluding self-citations.
The evaluator attended these meetings to answer questions regarding form completion and encouraged nurses to contact her during the school year with questions about using the AIIF.
RMIR's AIIF placed it in third, moving it ahead of the JRU.
When ranking the journals based on their AIIF, the AB (1.
During the AIIF, Samir Sharifov, the Finance Minister asserted that Azerbaijan has raised a new model of agricultural insurance.
Askari Investment Management Ltd (AIM) is the management company for AIIF.