AIIRAll India Internet Radio
AIIRAssociazione Imprenditori Italiani in Romania (Italian: Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Romania)
AIIRArtists International Independent Radio (Internet radio)
AIIRAdvanced Innovative Interdisciplinary Research (Virginia)
AIIRAirborne Infection Isolation Room
AIIRAir Intelligence Information Report (National Investigation Committee On Aerial Phenomena)
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The cough event (one instance of patient cough) in both the AIIR and the traditional patient room was modeled using data from the literature.
Figure 4 shows the pathlines of the flow in the AIIR.
As in the AIIR, two slots direct air towards the patient bed, and two slots direct air away from the patient bed.
In the AIIR, the patient cough travels towards the main exhaust without spreading around the room (Fig.
In the AIIR, the aerosol moves from the patient to the HCW.
As in the AIIR, aerosol coalescence occurs predominantly at early times and decreases as the aerosols disperse.
This study simulated cough-aerosol dispersal in both an AIIR and a traditional patient room at a local hospital, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing ventilation configurations in protecting an attending HCW from patient-generated cough-aerosol.
In the AIIR, the exhaust draws most of the cough aerosol towards it (Fig.
Exhaust for standard AIIRs were often configured with HEPA filtration.
One proposal considered configuring arrays of shipping containers (widely available in this port city) into patient AIIRs linked in hub-and-spoke fashion by a central nurses' station.
This facility was dedicated on May 28, 2003, substantially increasing the number of AIIRs available in southern Taiwan.
From May 31 through June 10, 2003, a total of 11 dedicated SARS hospitals were evaluated to assess AIIRs and wards, infection control practices, healthcare worker and patient entrance and egress pathways, protective equipment practices, and healthcare worker training (Figure 2).