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AIISAmerican Institute for International Steel
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In the letter, AIIS President David Phelps states that AIIS members do believe that some legacy cost assistance is appropriate, but only for workers whose facilities are closed, and as part of an effort to trigger a merger and consolidation wave so needed in the U.
January 2001 import statistics are attached to this release and are posted on the AIIS website (http://www.
Since February of this year, AIIS has been collecting data on steel import and price trends for ten steel products from more than 150 importers.
42) Manouvrier, "Le progres anthropologique de l'intelligence," AIIS 1912, 4 (1913), pp.
But see AIIS, AIIS Applauds Bush Administration Steel Exemptions, But Sounds Alarm About Tariff Impact on Small Steel Consumers, at http://www.
The AIIS letter concludes: "Enacting a restructuring program that ends subsidies and protection and promotes elimination of non-economic capacity will encourage the development (in the United States) of a world-class competitive industry and will benefit all segments of the steel sector.
The AIIS estimates shipments by the domestic steel industry increased to 104 million tons in the first nine months of this year from 102.
The issues selected by the AIIS vary from those selected by an expert panel of classifiers only about 5% of the time.
Francis Fukuyama,"State Building", Tirana 2008 AIIS, p.
AIIS continues to support -- and is actively involved -- in other aspects of President Bush's steel programs, including the Bush Administration's ongoing negotiations on steel trade issues at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
AIIS President Horst Buelte said, "The WTO meeting presents an opportunity to advance the cause of free trade.