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AILAileron (aviation)
AILAmerican Income Life (insurance company)
AILAssociazione Italiana Contro Le Leucemie, Linfomi E Mieloma
AILAfghan Institute of Learning
AILAccademia Italiana Di Lingua (Italian international association of schools)
AILAll-Ireland League
AILAdvanced Imaging Laboratory
AILAdventures in Learning (Oregon State University)
AILArtificial Intelligence Laboratory
AILArtists in Labs (Zurich, Switzerland)
AILAccidentally in Love (song title)
AILAziende Industriali di Lugano SA
AILAdvanced Intercross Lines
AILAchievement Institute of Language
AILAirborne Instruments Laboratory
AILApproved Issuer Levy (New Zealand)
AILArab International Logistics
AILAtlantic Industries Ltd
AILAction Item List
AILAvionics Integration Laboratory
AILAmateur Inline League (inline skating)
AILAggressive In-Line (sport)
AILAnti Imperialist League
AILAdvanced Imagery Library
AILAncarim Iron Legion (Star Wars group)
AILAssociation Isépienne du Libre (French student association)
AILAudco India Ltd
AILAdventures in Life (Ministry; North Hills, CA)
AILAverage Item Level (World of Warcraft)
AILAnimation International Ltd
AILAnti-Internment League (Northern Ireland)
AILAiligandi Airport (Panama)
AILAids to Independent Living (Canadian Red Cross)
AILAgent Infrastructure Layer
AILApplication Interface Layer
AILAntarctic Infrastructure and Logistics (NSF Office of Polar Programs)
AILAssociate of the Institute of Linguists
AILAmbient Intelligence Lab
AILAtelier d'Ingénierie de La Louvière (Belgium)
AILAsset Interchange Language
AILARTS Integration Laboratory
AILAdvanced Innovations Ltd
AILAdvance Information Letter
AILAutomated Integrated Language
AILAssign Interswitch Link
AILArterial ICC (Interstitial Cells of Cajal)-Like
AILAutomotive Industries Limited
AILACES International Ltd
AILAvailability/Improvement List (commercial aviation)
AILAgencia Informativa Latinoamericana
AILAnswerthink India Limited
AILAssociação Internacional de Lusitanistas (Portuguese: International Lusitania Association)
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The molecular data is ail fairly consistent," says John Gatesy of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, one of the first who reported the whale-hippo connection.
Best's opinion, AIL and AIUK benefit from Aspen's profile, which has developed as a result of the range of business written and its wide spread of branch operations.
Cefais wahoddiad gan y Lolfa i gyfrannu pwt am Ail Symudiad ar gyfer y llyfr: Fedra'i ddim dweud pa mor bwysig oedd 'darganfod' Ail Symudiad yn ol ym 1980.
MORE than 500 police officers and support staff have been disciplined over ``inappropriate'' em ails found on their force computers.
When M AIL T ODAY contacted Apollo hospital, the staff initially said they don't have beds but later transferred the call to the concerned department.
Ond wyth mis yn ddiweddarach, roeddan nhw'n ol ar lwyfan unwaith eto - ail wynt i Ail Symudiad - diolch i gynnig gan bwyllgor ieuenctid Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Llambed, 1984.
The AIL Agency Sedaghat represents is actively seeking to appoint Agents and Managers to its Vancouver-based team, as are all AIL Agencies to their respective teams.
Yn y prawf terfynol, Kevin Evans o Frycheiniog oedd y pencampwr gyda'i gi Greg; Aurwen Price a Lyn yn ail a Gerald Lewis a'i gi Prince o Langadog yn drydydd.
MAE teitlau'r caneuon yn codi chwilfrydedd yn syth, ond yn fwy na hynny maent yn dwyn i gof un felodi hyfryd ar l y llall ac yn eich hatgoffa o'r catalog swmpus o waith y mae Ail Symudiad wedi'i greu dros y blynyddoedd.
In addition, Aspen has continued to balance the spread of business between its two main operating entities, AIL and its sister company, Aspen Insurance UK Limited (AIUK), through the use of intra-group quota share arrangements.
This apartment has already witnessed burglary incidents and we fear that the colony's security is being jeopardised," says the complaint, a copy of which is with M AIL T ODAY .
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of 01 Non Ac Tata Winger To Cater To Transportation Of Officials/ Passengers Of Ail Tezpur