AILLAArchive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America
AILLAArchivo de las Lenguas Indígenas de Latinoamérica (Spanish: Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America)
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For my presentation, I talked about AILLA and invited the participants and others to contribute to it.
And the way I have done this is by focusing on forms and processes of speaking, chanting, shouting, and singing, their recording, transcription, translation, analysis, and, increasingly, archiving, and this focus became the model for AILLA, The Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America, which I direct.
An example is the bilingual poem by Aiban Velarde that is archived on AILLA.
The plan is to work with performers of these chants, record them, transcribe them, translate them, archive them with AILLA, and make copies of the recording available to individuals who want to learn them.
On the AILLA site there is an agreement signed by the Caciques, expressing collaboration in the igargan project.
Properties right from budget homes to high end luxury apartments, aillas, row, commercials and plots are to be displayed as well.
Rd9 - Common aillas - calibration and strengthening of floor - between the A62 and the agglomeration of aillas - (PR 23 + 407 to 28 + PR 210).
Contract award: rd 9 towns aillas, labescau and sendets - grading and pavement strengthening between the agglomeration of aillas and the junction with the rd 10 (sendets).