AILOAssociation of International Life Offices (est. 1987)
AILOAmerican Indian Liaison Office (US DOI)
AILOAssociation of ITSO (Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation) Licensed Operators (UK)
AILOAll in Last Out (Robot Battle tournament)
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In addition to these responsibilities, Bob will be ITA's representative in AILO and the main liaison with all of ITA's international business relationships, including but not limited to regulators, business partners, trade associations, and the media.
AILO will be a valuable resource that will allow Investors Trust to successfully approach potential markets, including Emerging Europe, Middle East and Asia.
The AILO organization has been the main trade consultant for the international financial services industry since 1987 and continues to strive to represent the interests of this particular sector, based on the following aims and objectives: