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AIMAA Taekwondo of Huddersfield enjoyed tremendous medal and trophy success at the IMA Northern Open Competition.
Dayomey Raymond and Andrew Wilcox led the way for AIMAA West Yorkshire by becoming double gold medalists.
Both have coaching at Holme Valley Black Belt Academy at Albion Mills, Thongsbridge, with instructor Tony Sykes (PW290910Dmedals-01) * MEDAL TIME: AIMAA Taekwondo Club medal winners (from left) Tanvi Patel, Chris Heywood, Andre Willox and Naomi Wareham with their instructor, Salik Miah (centre) (AC041010Btai-01)
WINNING LINE-UP: AIMAA Taekwondo Club from Birchencliffe landed a string of medals in the Scottish nationals.