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AIMLArtificial Intelligence Markup Language
AIMLAdvances in Modal Logic
AIMLAstronomical Instrument Markup Language
AIMLAll India Muslim League (pre-partition India)
AIMLAdoptees Internet Mailing List
AIMLInternational Journal on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (International Congress for Global Science and Technology)
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The duo will work closely with the board of AIML to drive the necessary operational and governance changes to ensure that the firm continues to perform at the highest levels, said the statement from Abraaj.
It was the strong conviction of the leadership of AIML due to which it had to demand for a separate homeland.
The first major international issue which attracted the AIML's attention was mistreatment of the Indians in the British colonies particularly in the Transvaal state of South Africa which for the AIML 'assumed the second most important issue after the political reform scheme at home' (ahmad, 1989: 23).
In the VISTA (Virtual Interactive Story Telling Agents) project [10], AIML was used to write programs.
Bases de conocimiento en forma de archivos AIML que representan el cerebro de ALICE.
Como ponto de partida para o desenvolvimento do prototipo foram analisadas as caracteristicas do chatterbot ALICE e da linguagem AIML.
The knowledge in the dialogue-based system for learning geometry was created and represented by XML-based AIML.
El creo el primer robot de chat ALICE y AIML (Lenguaje de Marcado para Inteligencia Artificial), llamado Alice.
For example, they include details on MathML, BioML, AIML, and so forth.
I am delighted that Omar and Selcuk, who have been dedicated professionals at our firm, will take on the mantle at AIML.