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AIMNETAll India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (shipping)
AIMNetAdult Injury Management Network (University of Victoria; Canada)
AIMNETAntarctic International Magnetometer NETwork
AIMNETArchitectural Infrastructure Management Network
AIMNETATC Interbase Multiuser Network (US Air Force)
AIMNETAcquisition Information Management Network (US DoD)
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Our customers have been looking for a more affordable and flexible solution to high-availability and fault-tolerance," said Wayne Dunn, senior director of enterprise computing at AimNet Solutions.
Our partnership with AimNet greatly expands Marathon's ability to penetrate a wide-variety of high-growth vertical markets," said Gary R.
At the same time, Verio acquires a majority position in Aimnet, a Santa Clara-based ISP founded in 1994.
November 97 Verio consolidates CCnet, West Coast Online and Aimnet to
Since its founding only three years ago, Aimnet has established itself as one of the best regional, business-oriented Internet providers in the country," said Verio President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnson.
Becoming a Verio affiliate represents a tremendous accomplishment for Aimnet and will benefit our customers," said Aimnet founder and chairman Hong Chen.
AimNet Solutions submitted its Managed Network Service infrastructure and services for MSP Alliance accreditation, based on its ability to provide 24x7x365 monitoring and management of a customer's network and help them reduce the workload of network management, allowing them to experience increased service levels and the freedom to use their resources to support business goals.
AimNet Solutions is an active member of the MSP Alliance, and works closely with the Alliance to educate organizations and the marketplace on the benefits of managed services.
AimNet Solutions is a network services company that provides clients with an industry-leading range of advanced, end-to-end local area network, wide area network, information security and server management services that help to empower their e-business networks and strategies.
Founded in 2000 by former AT&T executives, AimNet is a privately-held company with over 100 employees.
Whether a MSP has passed the program will become a critical part of a customer's decision process in determining who is the best managed services business partner for their management needs," said William Strain, senior vice president of AimNet Solutions.
COLUMBIA) AimNet Solutions Selects InfoVista as Service Level